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The stairway of the new office Building of SWAROVSKI OPTIK in Absam, TyrolThe stairway of the new office Building of SWAROVSKI OPTIK in Absam, TyrolThe stairway of the new office Building of SWAROVSKI OPTIK in Absam, Tyrol

Wood, felt, hemp, wool

Nature is all around at SWAROVSKI OPTIK

Founded in 1949, the SWAROVSKI OPTIK specializes in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market.

Welcome to the new building

For the love of nature

Welcome to SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s new building. 27 million euros were invested in the biggest infrastructure project of the last decade, creating facilities including 60 new workspaces in the south wing. The interior design strongly reflects the company’s guiding principle: “For the love of nature”.

The first objective was therefore to incorporate “as much nature as possible” directly in the workplace. The architects from DINA4 achieved this with large wooden window facades, allowing an open view of the green surroundings and majestic Tyrolean Alps.

New Building interior ID:1455633
New Building Interior ID:1455631
New building interior ID:1455649

Nature is also apparent in the materials used in the offices, selected with painstaking care by the interior designer in consultation with the architects, internal construction experts, and SWAROVSKI OPTIK management: the flooring, in a classic herringbone pattern, is solid oak.

Another local wood, Swiss pine, features prominently on the walls. This traditional and regional building material creates a calming and regenerating effect and also diffuses a beautiful woody aroma. Clay was used in the wall design. Along with wood, one of the oldest and healthiest raw materials around, it sets standards in indoor climate by storing excess moisture and releasing it again when required.

New building interior ID:1455630

Open workspaces

Natural materials foster an atmosphere of wellbeing

One of the challenges in the interior design was the size of the spaces and associated acoustics. But natural solutions were also found here: to structure the open workspaces both physically and acoustically into smaller areas, partition walls composed entirely of natural materials were installed. The core of these walls is organic hemp, which is clad with a layer of lamb’s wool and a further wool layer. This ensures ideal acoustic properties as well as perfect regulation of air humidity and indoor climate. An environment-friendly material was also chosen for the ceiling design – the lamellas in the acoustic ceiling are made of wool felt.

The natural theme also extends to the color scheme, with an emphasis on harmonious, warm, earthy shades. The furniture in the workspaces and meeting points is mostly made from solid wood and impresses in terms of both esthetics and ergonomics. The absence of chrome, for example, is a deliberate choice to avoid any discordant note in the ecologically sustainable interior design concept.

New Building interior ID:1455632The interior design of the new SWAROSVKI OPTIK office building impresses with natural materials and clear shapes