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tM 35 K21_tM_35_B1074676_CMYK.tif (ID:1625916)tM 35 K21_tM_35_B1074676_CMYK.tif (ID:1625916)tM 35 K21_tM_35_B1074676_CMYK.tif (ID:1625916)

For a successful hunt in the dark

Everything you need

Wild boar populations are on the rise – in Europe as well as in the US and other parts of the world. Increasing populations mean more game damage and problems. Therefore, in their role as wildlife managers, hunters need to remove more wild boar. Additionally, in response to the outbreak of African swine fever, hunting at night has become an important practice to keep their numbers at bay. With new technologies emerging and more countries permitting the use of thermal imaging technology, night hunting has become an efficient, responsible hunting method.

What equipment do you need for hunting after sunset?

Thermal imaging devices, such as the tM 35, help you to detect game before being seen. Observation in the night – simplified. However, the tM 35 is not only an observation device. You can also use it to turn your rifle scope into a thermal scope. As a clip-on device with 1x magnification, the tM 35 provides absolute accuracy. Combine it with your SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scope via the tMA adapter and together they form a reliable, complete system requiring no additional sighting in. The tM 35’s shape allows you to intuitively place it in the right position – even when it is pitch dark.

K21 tM 35 B1074794 RGBK21 tM 35 B1068825 CMYK

If you use the tM 35 as a clip-on device, we recommend rifle scopes with a low initial magnification (1x to 2.5x). You’ll find that you’ll enjoy the best field of view at a magnification ranging from 2x to 6x.

Potent packages for your night hunt

tM 35 Vorsatz inkl tMA 1080x1080

Small and lightweight – this combination forms a slim system.

Thanks to the compact Z8i 1.7-13.3x42, handling your firearm with or without the tM 35 will be smooth and intuitive. Besides, you need not worry about the small objective lens diameter! In twilight and dark, you can mount your tM 35 and tMA 42 to the rifle scope and detect game easily.

With the Z8i 2-16x50 P, you’ll always feel RIGHT AT HOME ANYWHERE.

This sophisticated multipurpose scope with a large field of view is ideal for stalking, as well as hide hunting. Even in poor light conditions and at twilight, its high-luminosity optics reveal the crucial details for hitting the target. Or you can attach the tM 35 via the tMA 50, to lift the cover of darkness even more.

The compact and short, yet powerful Z8i 1-8x24 offers ...

... an exceptionally wide field of view and enables you to maintain an overview all the time. Perfect for short-range shots on wild boar. The light-weight package allows for an easy handling of the rifle in all situations. Just make sure to go for the ring mount (instead of the SR rail mount)! With the ring mount, clipping the tM 35 on to your Z8i 1-8x24 via the tMA 24 is as easy as winking.

General tip:
Use the tM 35 in combination with a compact and lightweight rifle scope. Its low starting magnification is ideal for the clip-on. Plus, the entire system (rifle + rifle scope + tM 35) will still be easy to handle.


tM 35

Do you want to know whether the tM 35 can be used as a clip-on with your rifle scope? Check out our FAQs on MyService. You will also find the right tMA adapter for your scope.

Once you found your perfect combo of rifle scope and thermal imaging device, the question is: Do you need anything else?

NL Pure 10x32 Burnt Orange

NL Pure 32

As you never know, how long your hunting adventure will last, make sure to prepare for daytime as well. We recommend taking a small pair of binoculars with you. The NL Pure 32 is the perfect companion for stalking. Consider adding the FRP forehead rest NL Pure. It will facilitate handling the binoculars with one hand.

Extraordinary extras

Besides the standard equipment (rifle scope, thermal imaging device, adapter, and binoculars), there are many handy accessories that will make your night hunting experience more enjoyable.

Firstly, the tM 35 offers a comprehensive set of useful accessories already on delivery. Here’s what you get with your tM 35:

Included in the delivery package is:

RB tM 35 rechargeable battery, RBC battery charger, Micro-USB charging cable, field bag, winged eyecup, carrying strap, hand strap, eyepiece cover, integrated objective lens cover

Secondly, you can add convenient extras, such as:

  • The TL throw lever allows you to adjust the magnification easily and quickly – even in the dark.

  • The RB tM 35 rechargeable battery makes sure that you never run out of energy during your hunt.

  • The GP Gloves Pro keep your hands warm in the night. Thanks to their leather reinforcements, they stand for durability and hardiness.

Are you ready for your next hunting adventure after dark?