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Man in nature looking through SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoulars India, by The SUJÁN Life Man in nature looking through SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoulars India, by The SUJÁN Life Man in nature looking through SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoulars India, by The SUJÁN Life


Getting back into the outdoors

What do premium optics and luxurious lodging in India have in common? Exactly, their founder’s love for the beauty of nature and their ambition to safeguard it. Learn how SWAROVSKI OPTIK and the SUJÁN Life make a perfect match.

Cat Garcia Anjali Jaisal Singh by The SUJÁN Life



In 2000,The SUJÁN Life was founded by Jaisal Singh, son of wildlife documentarians and conservationists. His love and care for India’s wildlife, especially the tigers in Ranthambore National Park, encouraged him to combine his idea of outstanding lodging experiences with nature protection.

The SUJÁN Life at this time runs three lodges in different areas in Rajasthan: Sher Bagh in Ranthambore, The Serai in Jaisalmer and JAWAI in Jawai Bandh. All three of them feature their own distinctive theme.

Of tigers and men

The story of The SUJÁN Life began in 1974 in Ranthambore with Jaisal’s grandfather, who was filming the first Indian nature documentary about the wild tigers of Ranthambore. His fascination and love for the majestic big cats soon grew to the urging wish to protect the remaining wild tigers in Rajasthan.

Wild tiger lying on the ground India, by The SUJÁN Life Wild tiger walking through the bush India, by The SUJÁN Life

Growing up in the jungle, Jaisal soon took on the love and care for nature and wildlife of his grandfather. At a time when wildlife watching was on the rise, then 20-year-old Jaisal founded the first sustainable safari camp in India in Ranthambore. From the very beginning, The SUJÁN worked together with local institutions to create save environments for the remaining wild tigers. With this, he fulfilled his own wish to spend time in the wild while having a positive impact on India’s nature and wildlife.

Today, the family-owned business supports and runs various projects that aim at increasing biodiversity, fostering sustainability and supporting local communities (i.e., medical care, schooling, clean water access, …)

Proudly family-owned and managed, SUJÁN’s purpose is to protect, conserve and restore the Indian wilderness and culture, and be custodians of the areas where we are situated, at the same time providing our guests with the highest levels of service and comfort.The SUJÁN Life

Learn more about the conservation and social goals of The SUJÁN Life and their supported projects.

Three lodges – one mission

Jaisal’s mission was clear: To offer luxurious accommodations in midst of India’s natural beauty, while protecting the Indian wilderness and saving its diverse cultural heritage.

The first sustainable safari camp of Jaisal and his wife Anjali was the SUJÁN Sher Bagh. Located in the billion-year-old forest of Ranthambore, it is the perfect base from which nature explorers can observe tigers in the wild.

The Serai camp by The SUJÁN Life


The Serai

The Serai, on the other hand, is located in the desert of Jaisalmer. Its location is ideal to visit the famous Golden Fortress of Jaisalmer, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The focus here is on the idea of an oasis in the desert, a place where guests can calm down and explore India’s rich culture.

The third lodge, JAWAI, is located in Jawai Bandh amongst impressive granite-rock formations. This place is close to where leopards roam freely through the vast landscapes. Alongside the charismatic indigenous people, the Rabari, guests can find an authentic experience, combining wildlife watching and cultural heritage.

!!!Getting back into the outdoors - Leopards by The SUJÁN Life
!!!Getting back into the outdoors - JAWAI safari EL binoculars by The SUJÁN Life
!!!Getting back into the outdoors - The third lodge, JAWAI by The SUJÁN Life

How we match

SWAROVSKI OPTIK and the SUJÁN Life both offer top-quality products and experiences without compromise. A strong emphasis on the importance of saving and protecting our nature, connects both family-owned businesses.

We are proud to gain such a valuable partner with The SUJÁN Life. What we share with each other is our love of nature and our ambitions to protect and safeguard it.SWAROVSKI OPTIK

Luxurious lodging and long-range optics

To create a perfect wildlife experience, long-range optics like top-quality binoculars are indispensable tools. SWAROVSKI OPTIK therefore provides the SUJÁN lodges with binoculars and telescopes, so their visitors can get as close as possible to the fascinating nature and wildlife around them.

All images © by The SUJÁN Life
Wildlife watching with SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scope and binoculars by The SUJÁN Life Man with SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars, by The SUJÁN Life
Swarovski Optik Spotting scope BTX 85mm
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