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Swarovski Optik NORBERT NIEDERKOFLER AP­PRE­CIA­TING THE GIFTS OF NA­TU­RE deer in forrest. From the wild to the tableSwarovski Optik NORBERT NIEDERKOFLER AP­PRE­CIA­TING THE GIFTS OF NA­TU­RE deer in forrest. From the wild to the tableSwarovski Optik NORBERT NIEDERKOFLER AP­PRE­CIA­TING THE GIFTS OF NA­TU­RE deer in forrest. From the wild to the table

Superfood game meat

A sustainable feast for the senses

Reading time: 6 min.

It tastes much better regionally. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint when buying meat, you should buy regional venison. The tender and extremely healthy meat is available right on our doorstep, eliminating long transport routes. Harvesting game meat is far superior to many other types of meat production: there are no transport routes, no antibiotics, no factory farming - in other words a sustainable, regional and healthy food coming to you "from the wild to the table".

Venison is one of the most protein-rich meats (23 percent on average). It is easy to digest, low in fat and cholesterol, and rich in vitamins of the B group. All B vitamins are essential regulators in the carbohydrate, fat and protein balance, because they activate the metabolism. They are also important for blood formation and are regarded as so-called radical scavengers. In addition, the trace elements iron, zinc and selenium are present in larger quantities. Like selenium, animal omega-3 fatty acids also have an anti-inflammatory
effect. However, these are only very high in species-appropriate or pasture-raised animals. The amount in game meat is similar to that in wild salmon. These animal fatty acids improve brain performance and, unlike plant omega-3 fatty acids, are heat-stable, i.e. they can be heated and do not lose their effect.

Not only healthy but also versatile

To this day, the preferred choice for game is fillet meat. There is less interest in the rest of the animal. This is a pity, because the whole animal can be used wonderfully. Tails, for example, make a wonderful roast, small parts and meat scraps can be used to make minced meat or sausages. Even the fat can be used in ointments or soaps.

What to look for when buying game meat?

  • Game should always be bought and prepared fresh. It should therefore come from the local region.

  • The game should come from the wild. There are more and more enclosures in which the animals are fed with concentrated feed. This can influence the taste and the basic idea of the sustainable natural product is lost.

  • What should be noted is the color and aroma of the meat. The animals are shot and not slaughtered. This can be recognized by the strong red color of the meat.

  • High quality venison should not have an unpleasant odor. Pungent game taste comes from faulty storage or poor refrigeration. Quality game meat should always taste fresh.

  • You should also pay attention to the mating seasons of the wild animals, which often fall into the hunting seasons. This is primarily the case with big game. If, for example, a boar or a deer is shot in the rutting season, the game is inedible due to the hormones released. The female pieces are usually only rutting for a short time and exhibit the harsh taste only briefly, while it lasts for several months in male animals.

  • Game hunting in many countries is regulated in seasons - depending on this, different game is available on the market. If you buy out of season, the game will have been frozen.

Insights into TCM medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), game meat is considered a healing food. Especially recommended are deer liver or other insides.

According to TCM, game meat has the following effects on our body: 

  • Detoxifying

  • Blood cleansing 

  • Restorative (against exhaustion, lack of strength and energy)

  • Strengthening (immune system and internal

  • Warming

The traditional cuisine - also the alpine - knows how to combine tge effect of food (warming/cooling) is an optimal way. Game meat with pear and cranberries are a perfect match not only on terms of taste. This combination of active ingredients is ideal for the human body.

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About the author

Daniela Pfeifer

With her diverse training - including extensive TCM training - and her wealth of experience, Daniela Pfeifer is supporting people on the path to a healthier lifestyle. For many years, she has been dealing with the most diverse forms of healthy nutrition with her individual, holistic, well-founded and comprehensive approach. In lectures, courses, and team training sessions, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge of the value of healthy, natural foods and their effect on our bodies, mental performance, and emotional balance.

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