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The latest scope technology for long range shooting – let yourself be amazed by the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dS The latest scope technology for long range shooting – let yourself be amazed by the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dS The latest scope technology for long range shooting – let yourself be amazed by the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dS

The latest scope technology for long range shooting –

let yourself be amazed by the dS

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When I was training at the FTW ranch, my biggest discovery was how easy and effective scope technology has made long range shooting.

Ballistics made easy

Study ballistics and you begin to realize there are enough variables impacting trajectory to befuddle Einstein. As if the accelerating pull of gravity weren’t enough to worry about, there are also air temperature, elevation, barometric pressure, humidity levels, downhill and uphill angles, wind speed and angles… SWAROVSKI OPTIK addresses most of these with the range-finding, temperature-measuring, air pressure-reading, angle-finding, and trajectory computing dS scope. Press a button atop the eyepiece of the dS and within the unit’s head-up display illuminates distance to target, remaining bullet energy at target, and the wind velocities you’ve pre-selected for display on the sub-reticles.

Always spot on

All of this is useful information, but the handiest red illumination is that aiming point selected down the vertical reticle post. It is always spot on. Imagine seeing a lit-up crosshair that perfectly matches where your bullet will land at the distance you just laser ranged. And on either side of this horizontal bar are ticks for wind holds.

How is this done?

Magic. Well, more like computers. Via a simple phone app (and if I say simple it MUST be simple) you enter your bullet Ballistic Coefficient and Muzzle Velocity. Sensors within the dS read air temperature, barometric pressure, distance, and angle. Then the computer does the math (like I said, magic) before spitting out the precise aiming point. Your only chore (besides aiming carefully and not flinching) is deciding on wind velocity. Use the matching windage tick for your aiming point and send it. Bang clang.

The difference between “call the taxidermist” and “maybe next year” H/

Practice makes


Let me assure you, hearing and seeing these hits during training teaches you more about shooting, ballistics, trajectory curves, wind deflection, and trigger control than does 40 years of hunting. I’ll admit the 40 years of hunting are more fun, but learning to shoot this effectively will only add to that fun. Why wait until your hunting carer is half over? Take a shooting course. Attend a school. Your hunts will be just as fun, just as challenging, but a lot more successful. Bang whump beats “maybe next year” every time.

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Ron Spomer spent a day training long range shooting at the FTW ranch in Texas, US. Dive into the adventuresit in the classroom and listen to the instructors on the shooting stand.

Boom. Clang. – Ron Spomer’s experiences during shooting training H/ - Ron

About the author:

Ron Spomer

For several decades, Ron Spomer has been writing about his passion – the outdoor life. In his attempts to connect with this natural wonder, he has photographed, hiked, hunted, and fished across much of this planet. He says that he has seen the beauty that everyone should see. According to Ron Spomer, hunting is our heritage, but also our responsibility and the bridge back to our roots. Through photographs, videos, and texts, he is inspiring people to discover their roles and responsibilities as nature’s hunters/conservationists.

Boom. Clang. – Ron Spomer’s experiences during shooting training

About the location:

FTW Ranch

FTW Ranch is located near Rocksprings and Barksdale, Texas, USA. It is situated on over 12,000 acres of rugged hills and valleys where you can engage in SAAM (Sportsman’s All-weather All-terrain Marksmanship) training. Hunters of all levels can prepare for their next adventure under expert guidance. In order to shoot competently in extreme situations, hunters need to know their gear, firearms and rifle scopes, very well. FTW’s motto is: “It’s the hunter’s job to kill an animal instantly with the first shot.”

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