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CL Companion in Hand, GermanyCL Companion in Hand, GermanyCL Companion in Hand, Germany

Award-winning design

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Companion wins the coveted RedDot Award

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Design that inspires

The CL Companion, a pair of binoculars from our CL family, has won the RedDot Award in the "Product Design" category. With its innovative appearance, it sets new standards in terms of design in addition to its optical and mechanical concepts.

Red Dot Award Product Design logoSwarovski Optik Binoculars CL companion Green

Easy to use, the CL Companion guarantees maximum visual comfort and impressive image quality. Its outstanding features make the compact binoculars a perfect companion for anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom of experiencing more in travel and leisure. The central element of the product is the innovative, well-balanced lens design, which guarantees every observer an unforgettable and at the same time comfortable viewing experience with high-contrast, razor sharp and true color images. The new CL Companion also impresses with a field of vision of 132 meters, which offers even more space for fascinating discoveries.

With these USPs, the product already fulfills some of the 48 decisive criteria that the jury rates. The strict assessment catalog measures technical, production-specific, social, economic and ecological requirements. Thus the top-quality binoculars achieved the balancing act between practicality, quality and sustainability, but also design and trend. "The new sophisticated lens design, intuitive usability and ergonomic design are the features that make the CL Companion stand out," said the chair of the RedDot jury. The origins of the Design Award date back to 1955. The "RedDot" award has established itself internationally as one of the most sought-after quality certifications for good design.

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Swarovski Optik Binoculars CL companion Green
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