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Press releases
31 August 2022For the love of nature

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is teaming up with The SUJÁN Life

SWAROVSKI OPTIK, world leading manufacturer of premium optics, teams up with The SUJÁN Life in Rajasthan, India. The SUJÁN Life offers sustainable experiences in luxurious lodges in three different parts of Rajasthan, while SWAROVSKI OPTIK provides them with binoculars and telescopes. The incomes made by The SUJÁN Life lodges are used to contribute to various nature conservation projects.

Rajasthan, India, is home to two of the most revered members of the big cat family: Royal Bengal tigers and Indian leopards. Both are critically endangered, due to losing their natural habitats. The mission of The SUJÁN Life is to preserve and protect the Indian wilderness as well as their cultural heritage for future generations. They do so by supporting various initiatives and nature conservation projects with good parts of the incomes made by their lodges.

The SUJÁN Life and SWAROVSKI OPTIK share their passion for nature and its preservation, with both family-owned businesses having a strong emphasis on preserving wildlife and safeguarding natural habitats.

To promote the aims of The SUJÁN Life, SWAROVSKI OPTIK provides The SUJÁN Life with binoculars and telescopes. This contributes to the Indian company’s objectives: to fulfil the purpose of their proudly family-owned institution; to conserve and restore the wilderness and culture, and to act as custodians of the areas where they are located.

We are proud that we have such a valuable partner with The SUJÁN Life. What we share with each other is our love of nature and our ambitions to protect and safeguard it.

About The SUJÁN Life

The SUJÁN Life is a family-owned business, founded in 2000 by Jaisal Singh, that offers luxurious lodging experiences while supporting various nature conservation projects in Ranthambhore, Rajasthan, India. Their origins are rooted in the family’s fascination for nature and wildlife, especially for the tigers of Ranthambhore. Guests can stay at three distinctively themed lodges located in different corners of Rajasthan: Sher Bagh in Ranthambhore, The Serai in Jaisalmer and JAWAI in Jawai Bandh. All of them are located in natural habitats that are preserved by The SUJÁN Life. The lodges offer a high standard of luxury and comfort to their guests, while incomes contribute to various nature conversation projects of the family-owned business.

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