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Ben Knoot with the NL Pure 10x42

A birding guide’s point of view

NL Pure 42 Ben Knoot, Arizona

In spring 2020, birding guide Ben Knoot from the US received a package from Absam. Inside was the new NL Pure.

See for yourself what Ben was thinking while unboxing our latest innovation:

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Once Ben had tested the NL Pure for some time, we asked him some general questions and were curious to find out how these binoculars have been benefitting him.

What does nature mean to you?

For me, nature is more of an escape and place for me to forget all of the troubles and stressors of life. It is a relaxing force that consistently makes me smile.

What was your #onewithnature moment with the NL Pure?

Recently a pair of Great-horned Owls have been nesting in a large Saguaro Cactus near my house in Arizona. I was enjoying watching the female as she sat on her nest when all of a sudden, she opened one of her eyes and though it’s impossible to say for sure, I felt as though we had connected.

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What do you think about the NL Pure’s field of view?

The field of view that these binoculars provide is critical while birding in a forest. Mount Lemmon in Arizona has some stunning pine forests filled with mixed species flocks. It’s not uncommon to find: Plumbeous Vireo, Red-faced Warbler, Olive Warbler, Black-throated Grey Warbler, Townsend’s Warbler, Pygmy Nuthatch, White-breasted Nuthatch and more all feeding together. Having a binocular with edge-to-edge clarity and a substantial field of view is extremely helpful when trying to identify all of the birds in the flock.

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When and how are you using the NL Pure?

While guiding my tours for Tropical Birding, I am responsible for locating and identifying birds and other subjects for our guests. Having a good pair of binoculars is a necessity. These binoculars will be with me on every tour I lead as well as around my neck while I continue to enjoy nature on my own.

How does the NL Pure improve your nature and birding experience?

The NL Pure’s ergonomic grip, forehead rest, stunning clarity and field of view is going to make every observation more personal, which is the whole reason I am in nature to begin with.

Do SWAROVSKI OPTIK products support your passion?

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s clarity, quality and attention to detail have created products that allow you to see details of wildlife and aspects of nature that would be missed otherwise. As often as I can, I am out in nature to see and experience new things, whether it’s discovering a new flower, finding a stunning new bird or simply admiring the night sky. SWAROVSKI OPTIK products have no equal in supporting my passion.

NL Pure 42 Ben Knoot

About the interviewee:

Ben Knoot

Ben is a professional Birding and Bird Photography Guide for Tropical Birding Tours. Born in 1996, this nature lover from the US cannot get enough of the outdoors. He is fascinated by birds, wildlife in general, photography, and travelling. Furthermore, Ben is an ambassador for conservation, teaching about the importance of preserving the environment and biodiversity on his tours. The NL Pure 10x42 with FRP, the EL 8x42, and the ATX 85 support him in his passion.

Check out Ben’s website, his Instagram account, or join one of his tours. With some luck, you may be able to take a look through his NL Pure 10x42.

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