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Every day, the hunting ground fills you with the anticipation of exciting moments. Thanks to SWAROVSKI OPTIK, you can now capture these moments and share them. Digiscoping is the term used to describe the special photographic technique where a camera and spotting scope are connected to form a powerful photo device, and interact perfectly so that you can take impressive shots. Riccardo Camusso, a passionate hunter and digiscoper, describes how observing and taking photos can enhance your everyday experience in the hunting ground.


For people like us, hunting is mainly about observation. Weighing up situations. Getting a good overview. Identifying the familiar. And also shooting photos, of course. It’s not primarily about the moment when we put our finger on the trigger. That may be the final action in our dialog with nature, but it is by no means the most important one. If we want wildlife in the hunting ground to make an impression on us, and – especially if it’s a one-off opportunity – also to capture it, we should always have ready to hand an ATX/STX spotting scope from SWAROVSKI OPTIK, along with digiscoping equipment.


It’s twilight. We’re waiting in a raised hide. Our eyes are constantly scanning our surroundings, on the lookout. Visibility is deteriorating with every minute that passes. Then a deer appears, fairly young, with a slim neck, carrying his head high – and what a wonderful set of antlers! A magnificent creature. These are the moments that we hunters love to exchange tales about. It simply gives us a special thrill to be able to combine observation and photography in a single activity. Using the same equipment, at the same time, in the same place.


Anyone who looks through the lens of an ATX/ STX spotting scope from SWAROVSKI OPTIK for the first time will be able to appreciate its user-friendly handling. There is also its revolutionary modular design. No other spotting scope offers users the chance to select the right combination of eyepiece and objective lens, enabling them to tailor their equipment exactly to their personal requirements. ATX/STX spotting scopes are of course also beneficial from a hunting perspective. It is extremely important for every responsible hunter to be able to determine as accurately as possible the age and sex of a wild animal. The excellent optics in these spotting scopes is extremely helpful in performing this task.


One of the most worthwhile benefits of digiscoping with an ATX/STX spotting scope is that it gives you the chance to observe animals in the wild without disturbing them at all, and to shoot photos displaying unprecedented sharpness and attention to detail. This means that we don’t need to stalk the animals, but can spend long periods observing them in every detail because our position is beyond their flight initiation distance. In peace, undisturbed, and directly head on. Never being subjected to harassment. Immersed in their normal daily routine, for hours on end. What is certainly clear from this is that digiscoping is about enjoying the sense of magic created by nature, which is presented perfectly by the spotting scopes from SWAROVSKI OPTIK to be captured and shared with fellow hunters. And this can happen every day of the year, in new ways every time.

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