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Driven hunt

There is a deceptive quietness at the start. As is well known, anticipation brings the greatest enjoyment. The hope that the prey is caught in the drive and approaching us is as great as the tension. But, because there is only a small amount of time between sighting the prey and taking a shot, a driven hunt requires a high level of hunting prowess.


A loud crackling sound can be heard from the undergrowth. Thoughts are racing through your head. You pause for breath briefly as, all of a sudden, the prey approaches. Now every fraction of a second counts, to make the right decision and get the shot on target. 

There is no question that a driven hunt is one of the biggest challenges in hunting. It is a form of hunting that never ceases to challenge hunters’ abilities – even the most experienced. It’s about pure adrenalin, total concentration, and skill. Safety is an absolute must in driven hunts. There are many hunters, beaters, and dogs in the forest. Discipline is required, which means that the instructions from the hunt leader must be followed to the letter. Hunters must study closely the position that they have been assigned, which they don’t know beforehand. This happens, in most cases, when they are about to take them up. For instance, where are the neighboring marksmen located? What direction is the drive coming from? Where will the prey first be sighted? Where can a shot on target be taken? This is where the rifle scope also comes into play. Which magnification is the right one to begin with? Good preparation contributes to the success of a driven hunt. This also involves selecting the right firearm and rifle scope, as well as having safe control over them at the crucial moment. Catching sight of an (extremely) quick target raises just about everyone’s stress levels. It is particularly important to focus completely on the moment because the unexpected can happen at any time. 

Every type of prey has its own flight behavior pattern. Knowing about this and anticipating it at the right moment pose the biggest challenges for marksmen during a driven hunt. It is specifically these numerous different factors – coming together in only a brief moment – that make the driven hunt a special activity, contributing most of all to the tension it generates.

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