November 04 2019

#wild2table #closer2hunting


For the last 70 years, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has drawn inspiration from its love of nature. Time and again, we have revolutionized the world of optics. One of the cornerstones of our success has always been hunting and our close, genuine contract with the hunting community. This strong partnership of equals is based on our understanding of hunting and our stance towards it.

A successful hunt requires heightened awareness and involves all the senses – respectful observation, concentrated listening, the ability to confidently respond to different situations. We believe respect for nature and its beauty is at the heart of hunting. It should be exercised responsibly in a sustainable, considerate, and lawful way, in harmony with nature. When humans enter the realm of wild animals, they have an obligation to make a lasting contribution toward coexistence. All living creatures should be treated with respect. We also believe hunters should work to maintain natural habitats in order to keep the game population in balance.

In the wild, animals can move around in their natural habitat, living in freedom until their final seconds, when they meet their end without stress thanks to a clean shot. Game is far superior to many other types of meat production, with no transportation of livestock, no antibiotics, no intensive farming. In other words, “from the wild to the table is an extremely ethical, sustainable, and localized way of delivering top-quality, delicious food that promotes the mindful consumption of meat.



Curious? Further stories will follow in the next months.

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