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CL Companion NOMAD


CL Companion NOMAD позволит вам взглянуть на мир по-новому. Изготовленный вручную в Австрии, это не просто бинокль. Имея потрясающую оптику, великолепную эргономику и превосходное кожаное покрытие, он является воплощением безупречной элегантности, привлекательным для всех чувств.
CL Companion Nomad in hand womanSwarovski Optik CL Companion Nomad ground
CL Companion Nomad man with view

Handcrafted quality

Beautiful objects still exist.
Sometimes we see something and instinctively know that it is special. Its design, proportions, and materials, how it is made, even how it smells – everything is just right! We often call such things “masterpieces,” just like the CL Companion NOMAD from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Binoculars that combine absolute precision with the ultimate in craftsmanship.

Swarovski Optik CL Companion Nomad production covering

CL Companion NOMAD

A gift for the senses

The CL Companion NOMAD is handcrafted in Austria and finished in finest, vegetable tanned leather in a beautiful shade of dark brown. Made by Tyrol-based premium manufacturers SWAROVSKI OPTIK, many laborious, intricate steps are required to produce this exquisite optical device. As soon as you pick up the binoculars, you will be impressed by how they feel in your hands. This premium product comes with a leather bag, which makes a smart-looking accessory. But the binoculars are not only perfectly designed, they also contain outstanding optics to provide you with fast and extremely comfortable viewing.

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