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K19 ATX 115 perspektivisch HRes RGB - lens cropped

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K19 Patrick Hundorf Hessen 0218 bearb Gen-Nature RGB kleinK19 Patrick Hundorf Hessen 0218 bearb Gen-Nature RGB kleinK19 Patrick Hundorf Hessen 0218 bearb Gen-Nature RGB klein

We are celebrating nature

Generation nature

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is celebrating a special anniversary in 2024. For 75 years, our high-precision sport optics have been accompanying nature enthusiasts with a passion for the outdoors. Our binoculars and spotting scopes sharpen senses, let you see more, and experience more.

United in “Generation Nature“

In the company’s anniversary year of 2024, we are celebrating nature – and all the people who are united by their love for the natural world. With #generationnature we are seeking to continuously reawaken the fascination for the unseen and beautiful.
So we are inviting people from all over the world to share precious moments with thoughts and/or images and celebrate the beauty of nature.
With “Generation Nature”, we are therefore creating a sense of community among like-minded people – reflecting the SWAROVSKI OPTIK philosophy of “For the love of nature”.

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Generation Nature

Who are we?

“Generation Nature” is a community of people united by a shared love of nature – across all age groups, interests, and national borders. What brings us together?

  1. We love nature.

  2. We protect what we love.

  3. We observe and listen more closely.

  4. We view ourselves as part of nature, and treat it with consideration and respect.

  5. We preserve nature for future generations.

MAM ID: 1864081

Will you join us?

Be part of the “Generation Nature” community. We are looking forward to seeing you! How does it work? Please:

Together we are celebrating nature and all its gifts! We would love you to join us.
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