Uncompromising precision for long range hunting: the new metric version of the X5i rifle scope

January 22 2019

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Uncompromising precision for long range hunting: the new metric version of the X5i rifle scope

Whether it’s in the remote expanses of the steppes or high up in the mountains – challenging, long-range hunting requires equipment that is uncompromising in its precision, optical perfection, and robustness. The X5i has already shown how it is the ideal companion for such conditions. From April 1, 2019 two of these long-range rifle scopes (X5i 3.5-18x50 and X5i 5-25x56) will also be available in metric versions (MRAD). This means they are now perfectly adapted to the needs of Europeans.


Systematic precision

Long-range hunting pushes hunters and their equipment to the limit. The X5i has all the essential features, combining high-precision impact point correction with an intuitive operating concept. The patented spring retention system provides the rifle scope with an enormous adjustment range of up to 3.4 meters (11.15 ft). Tangible clicks and a clearly visible rotation indicator on the elevation turret help the keen marksman to handle the firearm safely. The SUBZERO function allows you to go below the sight-in distance so that you can also take accurate shots at close-range targets.

Optical perfection

Even when the light is poor, the X5i from SWAROVSKI OPTIK guarantees maximum optical performance across the whole magnification range. Its large field of view facilitates rapid target acquisition. You can make out every single detail thanks to its excellent image quality and high-contrast reticle.



As a high-precision hunting rifle scope, the X5i has a reticle in the second focal plane. Hunters can choose from ten different illumination levels to ensure it is perfectly adjusted to the prevailing conditions. The extreme cam (PXC) is an optional extra that allows you to read all the ballistic data directly on the turret, personalized to your particular firearm and ammunition. This means that every X5i is different, because it is adapted to the specific needs of each user.

Find here more information about the X5(i).

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