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Making the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird ID Making the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird ID Making the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird ID

Making the most of your

dG and Merlin Bird ID

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The dG, the first optical device with digital bird identification, is a true must-have for all bird enthusiasts. Learn more about the birds surrounding you in a fun and simple way. By unleashing the full potential of the apps powering the dG, you can broaden your knowledge like never before. The following tips will make you a pro in using the Merlin Bird ID app by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Hone your listening skills

You can listen to songs and calls of all birds listed in Merlin Bird ID. This may help you find out what bird you are hearing, but fail to recognize right away. Just go to the Explore Birds feature and browse through the species in your app. Select a bird and tap the Sounds tab. A list of recordings of the species’ most common sounds will open up.

Identify birds even without internet

No matter how deep into the forest or field you have wandered, Merlin Bird ID will help you identify the birds you encounter. Just remember to set your location before losing the internet connection. Go to Explore Birds, tap on the filter icon on the top right and enter your location or destination in the next panel. Once you are outdoors without connectivity, you can select the defined location from your history of locations, allowing you to use it completely offline.


Find out what birds are likely to be present at any location at any point in time

It might be convenient to have a list of birds, which are most likely present in an area, rather than identifying the individual birds one after the other. To get the list, open Explore Birds, tap on the filter icon in the upper right, tap filter by Likely Birds, and then choose the desired location and date. Et voilà: a custom list of birds for your location appears. Thus, you may focus on learning just the birds you’re likely to see.

Making the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird ID, two women walking with the dG

Stay curious

Together with Merlin Bird ID, the dG unlocks the secret of birdlife surrounding you. So head out and get your dG today, download the free app, and discover nature in a completely new way.

Check out the dG.

For a basic walkthrough about all the Apps complementing the dG, check out the following article: "Smart innovations – apps unlock the dG’s full potential". Or take a look at the Cornell Lab’s pro tips for Merlin Bird ID here.