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closer2hunting Nature’s call – and Patrick’s response Patrick walking through the field with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i closer2hunting Nature’s call – and Patrick’s response Patrick walking through the field with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i closer2hunting Nature’s call – and Patrick’s response Patrick walking through the field with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i


Nature’s call – and Patrick’s response

Tiempo de lectura: 5 minutos

Listen carefully.

Can you hear it too?

Nature’s call.

Sometimes, it breathes soft pictures into our heads. At other times, it downright screams into our ears, causing us to startle. Right then, we feel a longing deep in our hearts. A yearning to be outside surrounded by nature, gasping at the colors of the wind, listening to the symphony of singing birds or soaking in the mossy fragrance of the forest.

Patrick Hundorf heard and felt just that call. Thus, he decided to turn his back on a safe job in the real estate business in order to study nature conservation and landscape architecture. Thanks to this courageous step, the passionate hunter, ornithologist, and zoologist can spend most of his working hours outdoors today.

closer2hunting Nature’s call – and Patrick’s response Patrick Hundorf Hessen SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i and EL O-Range

In the young German’s eyes, nature conservation and hunting are branches of the same tree. As nature lover, he deeply cares for the native habitats of high ecological value in his homeland, Germany. Thus, he is actively involved in protecting endangered species such as the Golden Eagle, the Red Kite, the Montagu's Harrier, the Fire Salamander, the Northern Lapwing or the Corn Bunting.

„Hunting is about so much more than bagging deer.“ Patrick Hundorf

As responsible hunter, Patrick Hundorf treats deer with care and respect. He bags his prey first and foremost in order to obtain almost CO2-neutral venison. In his eyes, hunting to retrieve food is superior to any other form of meat production, as it can do without drugs, endless transportation, or animal suffering.

“No form of husbandry – no matter whether organic or even Demeter quality – can offer a life that would be more appropriate to the species than the life the creatures lead in the wild.” Patrick Hundorf

Going hunting has taught this former real estate agent that every piece of meat once belonged to a living creature which he cherishes and respects. Ever since Patrick Hundorf experienced just how precious this aliment is and how much work is involved to obtain it, he has been consuming meat in a lesser quantity. Furthermore, he is eating almost exclusively local venison in a much more conscious way.

However, hunting is about so much more than obtaining meat. According to Patrick Hundorf, it is the bridge that links humankind and nature as well as land use and nature conservation. Plus, it creates a special bond uniting people throughout the world. Those sharing the passion of hunting feel connected, regardless of their age, academic, social, or professional background. They all form part of one big community.

„Especially through hunting did I see people – of different generations and with diverse professional and social backgrounds – form such strong bonds of friendship.“ Patrick Hundorf

The 27-year-old nature lover senses a profound camaraderie among hunters which he deeply appreciates. When he talks about his hunting friends, a big smile illuminates his face.

„Hunting together is hunting at its best.“ Patrick Hundorf