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Prophetic calendar?

May 18 2020


#seetheunseen #fortheloveofnature #stayhealthy

During the last weeks, we could not help but wonder. Do the pictures we chose for this year’s SWAROVSKI OPTIK calendar actually convey a deeper message for the months they were allocated to?


Here’s our interpretation:


Under lockdown, we sometimes could not believe our eyes. Snuggled up at home, we seized the time to ponder what we could change within us, so that the whole situation would improve.



In the month of May, a harsh wind is still blowing in our face, but it cannot bring us down. We feel that change is in the air and are taking the first steps towards a brighter future.



According to the prophetic powers of our calendar, June will bring joy and dancing. How wonderful! We are looking forward to celebrating the beauty of nature in high spirits.


What do you see when you look at these photographs? Can you see a link to your current situation? We are looking forward to receiving your comments on our social media channels.


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