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About Us

Ce­le­bra­ting 70 ye­ars of SWA­ROV­SKI OP­TIK - A vi­sio­na­ry com­pany sin­ce 1949

January 31 2020


Founded in 1949, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has since then been standing for sustainable growth, highest quality standards, groundbreaking innovations and respect for nature.


Thanks to our farsightedness, we have been planning our business activities based on long-term considerations. We have been able to give new inventions the time and space they need. With quality and creativity, we are among the very best manufacturers of long-range optics. Our products offer an incredible package: premium optics, functional yet elegant design, ergonomic handling and outstanding customer service.

During 70 years of existence, we have proven repeatedly that SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a great community. We all believe in our firm, in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK family and in our mission to spread joy through our products.


We are convinced that there is a raison d’être for our endeavors. Therefore, we have a sense of purpose in our actions. We are curious, courageous and driven by quality. Our economic activity strives for sustainability for the benefit of all. In the words of Daniel Swarovski I who in 1958 said: “The precondition for any lasting success is the aspiration to think not only about yourself but also about your fellow human beings. Whenever you do so, your actions will be blessed.”

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