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Staying cool under pressure when making the shot

July 05 2019

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Staying cool under pressure when making the shot

Staying cool under pressure can be very challenging. Especially when you are a responsible hunter who would like to place a precise shot.

Excellent equipment will help you, but it is the person behind the muzzle who needs to take the right decisions. The hunter has to decide when to release the shot and when better to abstain from doing so.

On the weekend of June 28-30, 2019, a group of hunting enthusiasts gathered in Tuscany to hone their shooting skills and learn how to better master stress in challenging situations. Under expert guidance, the participants trained stance, breathing, concentration, and focus.

Get a glimpse of what this experience was like:



We believe that practice makes perfect, thus we invite everyone to keep training their skills. In the words of Philipp Zerfass, combined game shot: “If you prepare well for the hunt, you will enjoy it a lot more, because you won’t have to worry about correctly executing the shot anymore.”

Learn more about the two shooting experts we invited:

Philipp Zerfass, combined game shot

Lukas Hofer, professional biathlete

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