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At the heart of hunting – Allie d’Andrea’s quest for food and connection

October 24 2019

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At the heart of hunting – Allie d’Andrea’s quest for food and connection

Why do we hunt? What force pulls us outside before the dusk of dawn to look for game? Are we following in someone’s footsteps, honoring a family tradition? Are we looking for glory or approval?  Or do we simply feel a longing to be part of nature and become one with our environment, away from our office desks for those precious moments? For Allie, her motivation is clear:

I hunt for food. I hunt for a connection to nature.




A young hunter’s passion

It all started in high school, when Allie went hunting with her boyfriend Nick. Although neither of them grew up in hunting families, they felt attracted to this way of life. After a year of learning and training, Nik shot a whitetail doe with Allie witnessing. Allie admits that it was hard to watch their first prey being harvested. However, after they began the field dressing process, all of the dots connected. Here was the meat that they would be eating for the rest of the year. The young nature lover suddenly realized:


I knew from that moment on that I was a hunter.”
Allie Outdoors




Allie deeply appreciates being able to eat wild game meat. She loves to share her passion and tells everyone how amazing wild game meat can be on your dinner plate. Through hunting, Allie sources nearly all of the meat she consumes. Additionally, roaming public land in search for food, allows her to experience nature in a way that she would not otherwise.


Hunting provides me with food and a connection to the outdoors.”
Allie Outdoors




You might find her out and about, somewhere in the lower 48 (also called “conterminous United States” consisting of the 48 adjoining US states plus the District of Columbia on the North American continent). She hunts primarily in the Rocky Mountain’s West for elk (also known as wapiti), pronghorn and mule deer, seizing the chance to backpack her way through the wilderness whenever possible. In the Appalachian Mountains of the East, she goes looking for turkey and whitetail, accessing public land hunting spots for the latter by kayak.

In her eyes, there is a plethora of public land waiting to be explored. Even if you are a newbie, do not hesitate to embark on this adventure. The rewards will be delicious and deeply satisfying.


High-quality gear for outdoor adventures

When it comes to equipment, Allie is looking for excellent quality and precision. She uses the STX spotting scope to scour the vast plains of public lands, the EL Range binoculars for precise distance measurement, and the Z5 rifle scope with its perfectly clear and crisp view to place a precise shot. For a backcountry elk hunt, Allie recommends to go for the CL Companion binoculars. She says, SWAROVSKI OPTIK equipment offers:


Everything you need, nothing you don’t!
Allie Outdoors





Allie’s positive attitude is contagious. We will publish another blog post on her inspiring personality and hunting motivation. So stay tuned. Or check out Allie’s social media accounts right now for more engaging stories:




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