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Focus on the essentials thanks to technology

The digital dimension of hunting

On open terrain, the power of premium optical equipment by SWAROVSKI OPTIK makes the difference. Hunters can rely on our smart devices for increased security.
Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a world without digital tools. You could also say that we live in two worlds: reality and virtual reality. At SWAROVSKI OPTIK, we are combining these two dimensions with revolutionary results.

Digital vision

As a visionary company, SWAROVSKI OPTIK tracks all the latest developments and assesses the opportunities and challenges that they present to hunters. We constantly ask ourselves: How can digital components be included in long-range optical devices in order to provide hunters with maximum safety and enjoyment?

Combining technology with analog craftsmanship

Experienced hunters are the best people to decide what tools and technology will be of use to them. That’s why the hunting experts in product development at SWAROVSKI OPTIK are constantly thinking about what really adds value for hunters on the ground – and what doesn’t. Hunting takes place in an analog world, so a classic, fully analog binocular or rifle scope does not require any additional high-tech functions. However, enhanced digital functions such as rangefinders, angle measurements, and aiming point displays make hunting easier and provide additional security at times of intense concentration.

dS II GendS Gen II with reticle
EL Range TA 10x42 hunter, HalltalHunting chamois with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK EL Range TA in the Swiss Alps, tracking assistant pin

Trusted companions

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s EL Range binoculars with integrated rangefinder and angle measurement are reliable companions on any hunt. For many years, they have been combining digital and analog product features with outstanding results. The new EL Range TA comes with a tracking assistant that helps hunters to narrow down the area where their last shot hit the target.

Hunting chamois with the EL Range TA in the Swiss Alps H/ - walking with the EL Range TA
Hunting chamois with the EL Range TA in the Swiss Alps H/ - hair chamoise 7686
Hunting chamois with the EL Range TA in the Swiss Alps H/ - tracking assistant - 7667

The dS rifle scope also relies on digital intelligence to display relevant hunting data. The dS electronically processes all the information on conditions that affect the hunt, such as location, weather, distance, angle to the target, type of ammunition and firearm – and that in real time.

It automatically calculates the factors that traditionally have to be kept in mind when the hunter is taking aim and shows them on the display. The additional digital functions mean shooters have fewer factors to consider, so they can concentrate on what really matters: the target.

Whether to pull the trigger, and thus release a shor, or not is a decision that you may now base on more information, because the dS Gen. II can also display ballistically relevant data:

  • bullet velocity,

  • flight time to the target point,

  • knock-down power or

  • set wind speed.

The additional data makes it easier to hit the target. The focus lies on achieving great results without stress.

The dS rifle scope helps you to get from mere estimates to precisely calculated results.
dS II Gen
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Hunting chamois with the EL Range TA in the Swiss Alps H/ - hunter binoculars and backpack - 5503WITH THE EL RANGE TA IN THE SWISS ALPSHunting chamois Reading time: 5 min.