One with nature: the Iceland Hunters stalking with the NL Pure

July 02 2020


One with nature: the Iceland Hunters stalking with the NL Pure

Alma and Gunnar, the couple behind @hunting_iceland, were among the first to receive a pair of our latest innovation: the NL Pure binoculars. Find out how they put it to good use.


Gunnar shares his experience of hunting with the NL Pure:

“I had the luxury of using the new NL Pure 8x42 binoculars during a 14-day hunting trip in the west fjords of Iceland.



What stands out for me is how comfortable the binoculars feel in my hands, the single hand operation made possible by the new forehead rest and the amazingly wide field of view.

I spent hours each day behind the NL Pure glassing steep mountain hills and coastal areas.




The light weight is also a big plus for me as I have not felt any strains or had any issues with muscle fatigue during those long glassing sessions.



Fog, rain, and clouds have stolen the glow of the midnight sun and created dark hours during the night.

The NL Pure 8x42 has made it possible for me to continue hunting during these darker hours with its exceptional wide field of view and light capturing abilities.”


The NL Pure will hit stores in September 2020. Until then, make sure to stay tuned at #onewithnature for more inspiring stories.


About the Iceland Hunters: Alma & Gunnar

Gunnar was born into a family of hunters. Alma, on the other hand, started hunting at the age of 24. Today, hunting is not just about access to clean food or excitement in their eyes. Hunting means to lead a conscious life.

Alma and Gunnar rely on the following SWAROVSKI OPTIK products: Gunnar uses the X5i 5-25x56 P L, while Alma prefers the Z8i 2.3-18x56 P L. For observation, they turn to the NL Pure, EL Range 10x42 W B and ATX 25-60x65.

SOP-Blog:/blog/HunterArticleBlog/2020/2020_onewithnature_NL_Pure_story01_iceland_hunters_06.pngFind out more about Alma and Gunnar in our online magazine.


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