Make your garden a bird’s paradise

May 20 2020

#gardenbirding #GoBirding

Make your garden a bird’s paradise

Luckily, the measures restricting us to roam outdoors have been eased in many countries. However, we still believe that you do not need to wander far to experience nature’s awesome beauty. The question is: Do you dare to explore the wildlife at your doorstep?

The video-series #gardenbirding showed what you can discover close to home. The first four videos covered the following topics:


1. General introduction into garden birding: Birding at your doorstep – discover the birdlife close to you,

2. Interesting facts about the calls of birds: Birdsong - a free concert with special meaning

3. Construction à la wildlife: Bird nests – versatile cradles

4. From fledgling to adult: Always hungry – young birds and their (exhausted) parents


The last video of the series will teach you what you can do to support wild birds in your area. From how to mow your lawn, over offering food and water to constructing nest boxes – there are so many ways you can contribute to creating a habitat cherishing biodiversity.



Check out #gardenbirding for an overview of all episodes of the series.


Have you ever taken part in a guided birding session? Watch one of our many birding videos which we shared live during lockdown on our Facebook Nature channel.

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